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Malta - Small Island with a Grand Past

In a very entertaining way the film gives you historical details and shows you specific  architectural characteristics. You will see the sights as well as the man in the street doing his shopping, using one of the beautiful  old-buses, or at work. Most of the music is by Prof. Charles Camilleri, the well known Maltese composer.

The film is divided into five parts:

1. Valletta -Malta's capital with the biggest natural harbour in Europe; city of the Knights of the Order of St. John, city of the baroque style which came to Malta from Italy in the middle of the 17th. century.

2. Marsaxlokk -  Malta's biggest fishing village, a popular attraction for tourists, with its market and a visit to one of the filigree workshops.

3. Tarxien - one of the island's most interesting stone-age temple complexes with shots of areas that no visitors are allowed to enter.

4. Mdina - former capital that lost its influence after the arrival of the Knights of St. John; also a town characterized by the most splendid baroque buildings.

5. Malta - rocky island in the Mediterranean Sea - It ends with a boat trip into the  Blue Grotto.

The film is produced in collaboration with the National Tourism Organisation - Malta - Music: Prof. Charles Camilleri and Folk Tunes from Malta Voice: Virginia Whytock

Video - Balkonies in Valletta
Video - Valletta - long version
Video - Marsaxlokk - long version