Via Domitia
Via Domitia
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The Via Domitia was a road, built by the Romans more than 2000 years ago. It has fashioned and influenced all the towns and villages it crosses or skirts.
The film - Suivez la Via Domitia - follow the Via Domitia, shows remains from the past and characteristics from the present day.
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In Cavaillon it shows the Roman arch, the cathedral and cloisters from the Middle Ages, the synagogue in elegant rococo style. Cavaillon is the capital of melons.

Via Domitia - Arc Romain - Cavaillon
Via Domitia - St. Veran - Cavaillon-
Via Domitia - Cloister - Cavaillon-
Via Domitia - Synagogue - Cavaillon-

In Robion, there is a little jam factory. The lime-quarry, that the Romans used to work, is still being used.

In Coustellet there is a country market every Sunday.

Via Domitia  - Coustellet -<

Oppède is an old village with a collegiate church and a stone-quarry which has been worked non-stop for centuries.

Via Domitia -  Notre-Dame d'Alidon - Oppède le Vieux -

Every year in Ménerbes, between Christmas and the New Year, a truffle market is held, the corkscrew museum can be visited all year round.

Via Domitia - Ménerbes -
Via Domitia - Ménerbes -

Goult has a wind mill and in the Maison de Village, a milestone of the Via Domitia, that was found here, is displayed.

Via Domitia - Goult -
Via Domitia - Goult -

Every year in Lacoste there is the summer festival, organised by Pierre Cardin, the couturier. He has also undertaken the restoration of the castle of the marquis de Sade

Via Domitia -- Lacoste -

In Bonnieux, the Pont Julien, is a bridge from Roman times and part of the old Via Domitia. It was used by cars up until 2005.

Via Domitia - Pont Julien - Bonnieux

Apt has a cathedral from the 12th. century. The Palais d'Albertas boasts some of the most beautiful of the baroque style, in France, if not Europe. Apt is the crystallized fruit capital. Nowadays, a natural product like ochre is making a come-back on the market.

Via Domitia - St. Anne - Apt
Via Domitia - Palais Albertas - Apt -
Via Domitia - Apt -
Via Domitia - Apt -
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Speaker: Anne Pont

Music: Ensemble Claude Robin Désiré

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The Via Domitia
Cavaillon - Synagogue -
Pottery in Bonnieux
Apt - Palais d'Albertas
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